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With a comprehensive knowledge of child support and spousal support laws, the child support attorneys at the Law Offices of Atousa Saei are fully able to deal with all aspects of child and spousal support modifications.

A “modification” of a court’s order concerning child and spousal support is not uncommon. Depending on the language set forth in a judgment, most issued orders can be modified depending on a change in events or circumstances.

Child Support Modifications

Child support orders may be modified upwards or downwards depending on the specific facts of a matter. For example, if a parent that was once earning $5,000 a month is now earning $3,000 a month, they may be eligible for a modification. In the alternative, if a parent that was earning $5,000 a month is now earning $10,000 a month, an upward modification may be appropriate. Child support orders factor in the timeshare parents have with the child(ren) as well as respective incomes. As these circumstances change, it may be necessary to change the support orders as well.

To obtain such a modification, the requesting parent must make such a request to the Court by initiating a Request for Orders.

Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony payments may be modified based on changes to the provider or the recipient’s respective incomes or terms of the Judgment for Dissolution. Examples of earning changes such as those mentioned above are great examples of what may begin a modification to an order.

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